Name : Acey

Age : 22

Main : Angel Acey L50 TA/A Defender <— 1st toon made after return, and 1st L50

Alt :
Dr. Dark Toxic L41 Spines/DA Scapper; <— new favorite
PsyAir L36 Ill/Storm Controller; <— Like it becos has lots of pets (hero side)
Crystal X L34 Claws/SR Scapper; <— 1st toon made
Fist of Flames L29 Fire/Fire Tank; <— 2nd toon made
Hot Crowd Control L20 Fire/TA Controller; <— Boss holder
1 That Radiates L19 Earth/Rad Controller; <— AV tanker
Angel Bring Peace L17 Peacebringer; <— Like better than WS
Energized Flames L16 Fire/NRG Blaster; <— Love the damage deals
Thug Emperor L12 Thugs/Dark Miasma Mastermind. <— Like it becos it has lots of pets (villian side)

A conservative 100% Chinese girl borned in the state of New South Wales Australia, in a small town of Syndey. Taken 12 years education in a small island country called Singapore, graduated proudly in the home university of UNSW, has always followed the chinese traditional moral values. A lady that wears her emotion on her sleeves, is outspoken about what she loves and hate. A straight forward person who dislike anything evil, hate people who tell lies or purposely hides the truth. Disgust of men who already have a loved one but still try to cheat other girls.

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