Crisis In The Multiverse

A story by Darkflame.

Siren’s Call, two months ago.

An epic showdown between the Legion of the Bloodmoon and both Avenger super groups, Avenging Flame and Avenging Arcanum, was taking place in the already devastated area of Siren’s Call. The Legion had interfered with the coalition of Avengers’ investigation regarding the Council and the shipping of Quantum weapons. Every member of the Avengers fought their own counter-part, not without the assistance of the others.

The super tank, Diao, engaged her preatorian self, Hue, smashing in a contests with no apparent results due to their respective invulnerabilities. Zephyr Deathblade showed a high speed fencing performance, almost a blur to most, which seemed to synchronize and rival with Zephyr Sparkblade’s. Philly Girl took a defensive position against her despicable evil self, Dark Philly, as she kept tossing pure darkness at her preatorian self, while she healed herself in mid-combat and teleported away from her. Markus Windstorm helped the others by controlling the elements, while shooting lightning at Mecho-Maniac and his minions to keep them busy. High into the sky and in the middle of tornadoes and thunder, fire and ice literally rained as the sound of two dragons’ roars could be heard across miles. Allastor Darkflame and Allastor Nightfire covered great distances in their mid-air struggle. Back on the ground, Lady Docam was surrounded by Omega Docam himself and his ninjas and a summoned oni, and she engaged every single one of them, avoiding the mastermind’s dark spells as good as she could. Not too far from them, Green Flame Avenger and his sidekick Super Flame Avenger engaged the almost inhuman, leaders of the Legion, the power-charged vampire Dark Death Flame and the invisible werewolf Electron-Fighter, on a two-on-two battle of speed and reflexes.

“What’s going on with you, praetorians? Can’t you just stay out of this realm?”, said Zephyr Deathblade to his counter-part while zigzagging, literally running on a vertical wall of a fallen building.

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘expand your horizons’?” replied Sparkblade as he slashed Deathblade on his chest with one of his blades, wound that seemed to heal instantly.

“You guys are taking it too far”, said Deathblade as he retaliated with a slash of his own on the other’s chest. “There’s a good reason for the none-existence of replicas in the same reality. It disturbs the balance of the universes.”

They both leaped from the building and delivered a final blow at each other, the Deathblade parrying the other two and vise-versa, and Zephyr Deathblade unfolded his angelic wing and soared into the sky. Sparkblade unfolded his demonic ones. The battle went on in mid-air.

Close to where the jumped, Markus tossed a bolt of lightning at one of Mecho-Maniac’s minion that spread to the others nearby, provoking a shortcut and disabling 3 of them.

“Do you know how much time it takes to make these!?” shouted Mecho with his robotic voice, his personal force field. But his other robots seemed to reactivate the ones Markus had shutdown. If he could, Mecho would have shown a smirk “Heh, good think they are very cooperative.”

There’s no end to these things, Markus thought to himself as he summoned a local lightning storm near Mecho-Maniac and decided to engage a closer combat to fully take advantage of his lightning attacks.

“It’s a shame that cybernetic devices are always vulnerable to electricity, don’t you think?” Markus smirked as he gathered an enormous amount of static energy and then released the charge at Mecho-Maniac that spread to all of his minions. The lightning breached the cyborg’s force field and left him convulsing with the shortcut. “I’m sorry, Mecho, but you and your machines are clearly no match for the forces of the elements I control.”

“Oh, but I am not entirely cybernetic, Windstorm, my main hard drive is protected with a silicon coating” replied Mecho as he reincorporated from the blast, as his minions did and one of them shot a round of energy at Markus that sent him flying from where he was. “… as well as my robots’… ”

The attacks left Markus on the ground, but ready to take defensive maneuvers. He cast a thick mist around him and he vanished from sight… at least to normal eyes’.

“Markus, Markus…” said Mecho-Maniac shaking his head in disappointment. Then, two of the robots shot several rounds into the mist. Markus went flying through the other side and was left on the ground. “Have you ever heard of thermal sensors?”

Markus got stunned by the attack and thus he lost his concentration of the elements. The mist dissipated, as did the localized storm. The bigger one high in the sky seemed erratic now and the two dragons stopped their struggle to avoid lightning and tornadoes. Darkflame and Nightfire dodged them as good as they could, both dragons having years of experience at flying they were in their element. The Ebon took a chance when the Mythril desperately evaded the spinning wall of wind beside him and Nightfire shot a shivering blast at the white dragon. Allastor couldn’t avoid it and he was left in shivers, the tornado barely touched the tip of his long tail and he was instantly sucked into the vortex.

“Rwah ha ha ha!! How’s that feel, Darkflame?” Nightfire roared as he kept retreating from the chaotic weather.

Inside the vortex, Allastor tried to escape the powerful winds but it was futile. The centripetal force seemed to crush him and shake him in every direction, slowly ascending were there was less oxygen. He couldn’t even flap his wings in a synchronized way and force his way out.

Philly Girl, being an empath, felt the desperation of the dragon. “Al…no!” she whispered, she turned around to see where the feeling was coming from and she looked at the erratic storm. Her eyes wide, she turned to look at Markus and saw him on the ground, grabbing his head in pain and still stunned. She tried to summon Allastor out of the vortex, but Dark Philly took advantage of this and held her. The evil girl’s strength too much for the Avenger girl, she couldn't break free from her grip.

“What’s wrong honey? Can’t save your dragon?” Dark Philly mocked at her good counter-part as her fists started to glow with bright energy.

Philly concentrated really hard to clear Markus’ mind and force him out of his dizziness.

“MARKUS!!” Philly Girl shouted, and Markus looked at her to see she was staring up at one of his tornadoes out of control. That tornado seemed to have caught something big and white that was stumbling around the vortex. Not too far, he saw Nightfire fleeing from the storm, but Allastor wasn’t around.

“Al!” he realized, and he managed to unmake the storm, everything returning to normal. Allastor appeared and he started falling but he had a weird pose. He seemed to be unconscious.

Philly desperately started teleporting around with Dark Philly on her back. The constant displacements made both of them collapse on the ground. Philly Girl was used to the repeated teleporting, but it drained a lot of her stamina, but Dark Philly did fall unconscious. Markus managed to re-oxygenize Allastor's lungs and the dragon woke up in mid–air. He then realized he was a few feet from crashing against the ground, but he was agile and fast enough to break the fall with his wings and landed on his feet. He, smirked at Markus giving him an obvious “thank you”, but his smirk turned into a surprise expression. As fast as he could, the dragon threw a fireball at Markus that left the weatherman confused. The ball of fire passed by Markus and hit one of the minions, blowing it several feet away, melting its circuits.

“Wow! Don’t scare me like that!” said Markus to the dragon.

“Sorry Markus, I had to think fast”. Allastor shrugged. Then, the dragon went to aid Philly Girl.

“Are you alright?” said Allastor to the Avenger girl. From her resting pose, Philly looked up and saw him holding her hand with one of his large paws, almost 3 times her hand, and her shoulder with the other. She threw herself at the dragon’s chest happily and hugged him. “I should be the one asking that, Al”

The dragon returned the smile and the hug, and the helped her stand up. Looking up into the sky, between the ruined buildings that composed the landscape of the sector he spotted Nightfire, who was also looking at him and her companion. Having a heightened vision as every member of his race, he could even see the black dragon’s expression of sadistic and corrupted joy… He was clearly up to something. Then he looked at the unconscious body of Philly Girl’s mirror-image. Then, he scanned the area for his fellow Avengers.

Both Zephyrs engaged combat in mid-air. Krystal, better know as Lady Docam, faced Omega Docam and his minions, and she seemed to be doing pretty well despite the numbers. Diao and Hue were not in sight, but the thundering of their struggle could he heard good enough to track the fight. He also wondered about the others. His sense and urge of protection almost overwhelming him. Many things crossed his mind. The sound of lightning and thunder behind them distracted him from his wondering thoughts. Markus had resumed his attacks at Mecho-Maniac and his robots. He shocked his head and looked back at the Ebon. Philly stood up and looked at her white guardian.

“I’ve have to take care of him” he turned to Philly Girl finally. “Help Markus, and be careful.”

Philly reached out to the dragon’s chest, her hand glowed with a pale blue light that was projected to Allastor and suddenly, he felt revitalized. He felt more than enough energy to keep on fighting. It was almost like an adrenaline boost.

“You too” the girl replied. Then the dragon took off and Philly teleported away.

In the distance, the remains of building came crashing down, and two figures appeared flying away from the disaster they just caused. Fortunately, there were no civilians at that moment; they had been evacuated by direct orders of Green Flame Avenger for the investigation regarding the Council. The two shapes landed each on the rooftop of two buildings of what used to be the same block, but now the ground was so distorted that it looked like a continuous wasteland. Diao stood on a 5-story building looking up at her blonde preatorian self, who had landed on a still standing, yet deteriorated 8-story residential building.

“Come on!” Hue taunted at her with a gesture of her metallic hands, enhancing the meaning of the phrase, a wide sadistic grin on her face. The conductors on her arms already sending vast amounts of energy to her knuckles, making them glow in red.

Diao looked around for a moment. Then she stopped and looked to the ground beneath her. She gathered enough strength to force her fingers into the ground and with a thunder she ripped a piece of the building, a huge bulge of steel and concrete, almost twice her size. Without thinking she threw it at Hue, who was almost waiting for it to come to her. As the rubbish boulder closed in, the blonde girl reached back ready for the blow and then thrust forward, breaking it into pieces that scattered all around her.

Surprisingly, the next thing she saw was her own face, wearing a familiar headband with bunny ears, quickly flying towards her, already too close to react. The powerful jab thundered around the block, shattering the few windows that still had some glass attached to their frames, and sent Hue flying several yards until she crashed against a large construction crane. The whole thing came crashing down and the girl disappeared into the dust that was lifted by the impact against the street.

Just to make sure Hue was still down there, Diao flew over the edge of the building, but she didn’t spot her. A few seconds of uncomfortable silence made Diao a bit uneasy and she rapidly started scanning the area. Knowing how perverse and cruel her preatorian self was she wanted to make sure that she was her main and only focus and didn’t want her to escape and engage combat with another avenger.

"Where the hell are you…!?" she whispered to herself, double-checking everything in sight below her.

Suddenly, she started hearing, first a bit low but it grew louder fast, some crumbling beneath her, almost like detonations in sequence that came from the bottom of the building and then up. Then, the rooftop seemed to explode in her face and the red energy hit her chin right after Diao gasped in surprise.

“Peek-a-boo!” said Hue as she sent her counter-part flying into the air.

She immediately darted towards Diao and grabbed her by her right heel, did a couple of spins in the air and tossed her back down. Diao hit the ground head first, the shockwave of the impact made more glass around to shatter, the fire hoses that were still intact exploded, releasing fountains of water, and an abandoned SCV was lifted from the asphalt enough so that the landing damaged the transmission. Diao held back a scream of pain, the circumstances seeming very familiar. When she looked back into the sky she saw a flying red comet diving in her direction. The pain enough to reduce her reflexes to half, she knew what was coming… she thought of her right arm, the incident in Atlas Park, and she panicked. But something got in Hue’s way to crashing against the tanker’s back, hit her hard enough to change her trajectory and she ended up crashing against the pavement, four feet to the right of Diao.

The tank saw a slim, tall male figure in a characteristic pose of kung fu, towering over her as she reincorporated.

“Thanks, Sam… uhmm, Green!” she said, Green Flame Avenger still looking at the hole that Hue made with the impact.

“Don’t mention. You OK?”

“I’m fine” she replied, rubbing her right arm as she stood up. Then she felt how her wounds, although not that bad due to her innate toughness, healed as she glowed in green. Philly Girl had stopped by to help them. She reached out at Green and healed him as well.

“You guys aren’t making my job easy!” she told them.

“Philly! Look out!!” Green shouted when he saw something, a blur surrounded with electricity behind the healer.

Philly Girl turned around quickly, ready to teleport anywhere safe from that spot but she couldn’t avoid Dark Death Flame’s assault. She was knocked to the ground by the speedster vampire, left in pain and holding her left cheek. Death Flame continued his way to his primary objective: his nemesis. Green Flame evaded the attack by leaping into the air, much higher than any regular super hero, and the vampire followed with a leap of his own. Diao stood up to check on Philly Girl, and suddenly Hue leaped and started flying towards the male avenger.

“Philly!! Are you alright!?” desperately asked Diao, worried to death.

“Ugh… I guess so” Philly replied with a soft, almost inaudible voice that reflected unbearable pain, her left cheek swollen by the high-speed strike delivered by Death Flame. "Oh, I'm so squishy…"

“Come on, we have to help Green!” Diao helped her stand up holding one of Philly’s arms on her shoulders, notably without any effort, and she looked up at Green and his attackers.

Green Flame Avenger landed in the very edge of the arm of one of the cranes, his agility enough to hold him in perfect balance. Death Flame approached rapidly and readied one of his fists already charged with electrical energy so that it looked like a sphere of plasma. The vampire delivered the attack but Green Flame dodged it and grabbed Death Flame’s arm and used all the inertia built against the attacker. The vampire flew uncontrollably, past the main support of the crane and he was about to crash the counterbalance of the construction tool, but Hue caught him and dropped him just on it. Hue remained orbiting the crane ready to take down the Flame Avenger along with the vampire.

“Hmm, cowards…” Green Flame muttered taking turns to look at each opponent, still maintaining his battle stance.

“No, that’s called team work!” hissed Death Flame with a grin on his face, showing his fangs eager to drink some blood. “I will feed on you all once I’m done humiliating you, you pathetic version of myself”

“We’ll see which version prevails, Death Flame…”

Below, near the base of the crane, Lady Docam smashed two of Omega Docam’s genin against the exposed metallic beam of a ruined candy shop, and were left in daze. As she turned around, two more had jumped to land a dual flying kick but the lady shifted her body and she evaded them, moving below both ninjas. At the moment they landed, one of them intended to strike Lady Docam with an axe kick, which she parried by placing both arms in front of her face, forming an “X”. The kick stopped just a couple of inches from her face and she counter-attacked with swiping kick that knocked him down; then to the other genin, who was about to deliver a lethal attack with a kunai he had hidden, and she landed a spinning kick on his face.

Suddenly, she got hit by fireball from the air. Her wounds slowly closed due to her fast regeneration rate. She looked up and saw, floating in mid-air, a red skinned humanoid, wearing a toga and with the face of a demon: an Oni. The demon pronounced a few words she didn’t understand, but she knew it was nothing close to a compliment. She raised an eye brow and decided to jump-kick him in the face. Half-way in her jump she was engulfed by dark energy and everything turned darker and blurry. She missed the attack and the demon scored a jab with his fist in flames. The lady landed on the ground, stumbled a bit and then turned to the source of this dark magic.

“You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you Lady Docam?” mocked Omega while his hands were surrounded by the same dark energy, only it was flowing from them towards the woman. All the Genin recovered and they, along with 2 Jounin armed with impervium katanas on each side of Omega Docam and the Oni floating behind her surrounded the lady once more.

“Hmph, this is nothing…” she replied arrogantly and she assumed her fighting stance, ready to attack the mastermind directly.

Krystal charged at high speeds and scored a thrust kick on Omega Docam’s chest, which made him loose concentration on his dark spell and the lady’s sight returned to normal. The moment the mastermind hit the ground his minions attacked Lady Docam, all at the same time. Two of the Genin double kicked Krystal on each shoulded while the other two managed to tackle her by kicking the back of each knee. This made her drop to the ground on her own knees, and then the Jounin slashed across her chest. This made her scream in pain, even though her bleeding wounds were already closing, and finally the Oni blasted her with a fiery sphere that sent her flying a few feet. In mid-air, Krystal made a back flip and she landed feet first. She concentrated for a fraction of a second and she seemed to instant heal herself, all of her wounds gone. She stood up and looked at her outfit. It had gaps and burns everywhere around the torso, the largest one almost showing her cleavage. Then she looked at the minions.

“Do you have any idea how much I like this outfit? Do you know how much I have to spend now at Icon to fix it!!?” shouted Lady Docam as the minions looked at her, half checking her and half afraid. “Oh, I’m so gonna beat the crap out of you and then send you the bill!!” she growled under her teeth and darted towards the warriors.

In a second, Krystal jump kicked the Oni in the face, which she espcially enjoyed, then double kicked the Jounin and knocked them to the ground, she ran towards one of the Genin who was almost expecting her but she was fast enough to thrust kick him in the chest and send him flying and crashing agaisnt a broken stoplight post, his back cracking against the metal in the process. Another Genin tried to jump kick her but she managed to jump vertically, higher than him and she retaliated with a kick of her own in his face, hard enough that it made him travel several feet to plummer against the other two and pierce a wall of concrete behind them. The impact against the deteriorated building brought down rubble that buried one of them. Krystal dusted off his hand with the usual smirk she displayed in a battle. Then she looked back at her outfit.

“… I’m gonna truly send him the bill, dammit…” she muttered as she ripped some parts of the fabric that were clearly doing nothing now. The top section of her stealth looking armor now ressambled a low neck ragged dress. Part of the sleeves now looked like an extention of her gloves, also ragged so they looked like really long gloves. Then she headed towards the still stunned mastermind. Once there she grabbed him by the neck of his own outfit.

“Let’s talk…” she said. And once she finished the rather short phrase, the sky suddenly turned darker.

Everyone stopped their stuggle to look up at several familiar vessels hovering Siren’s Call, and they had already started dropping bombs. Some with fear, some with scorn, some with anger. Few horns that were still intact started to sound the alarm for evacuation. Of course, Siren’s call was already deserted due to Green Flame Avenger’s order to. Only a few Longbow operatives guarded the area and some scatered members of the Council in the southern part. But to all, these vessels were a threat. Heavy Assault Drones and Advaced Drones filled the sky in moments… Rikti were coming.

The first ones to notice the ships were the dragons, who were engaging most fo their combat high into the sky. Both dragons looked at each other, eyes widened, and then turned back to an approaching squad of Advanced Drones. Allastor, the Mythril, was the first one to attack the closest one. He concentrated for a moment and built up energy from his surroundings, then he aimed at it and sniped a continuous beam of heat that melted the drone’s outer armor and started falling. Then, Allastor, the Ebon, did the same, but he summoned a rain of fire and almost immediately he cast a thick cold fog and flew away from them. The drones literally rained bolts of swirling energy at the dragons, who had a hard time evading the blasts, despite their flight experience and reflexes. One of the blasts hit Darkflame in the chest, which was enough to take him out of his flying pattern and started to fall. A second later, her regained his balance and caught the wind under his wings, resuming his flight. Nightfire, on the other hand, started circling around them to take the drones from a flank, but his fog wasn’t enough concielment for the drones' sensors and a group of them started shooting at him. A blast hit him as well but he counter-attacked with a concentrated fire blast of his own that set it to blaze and made it explode into pieces.

“We have to hold them! Maybe we can buy some time for the others!” shouted Allastor Darkflame as he flared fire from his claws.

“YOU can hold them if you want! I’m outta here!” replied Nightfire as he cast a snow storm around the drones as he fell on porpuse and then he resumed flight in a nose dive towards the ground.

“Nightfire!!!” roared Allastor as he blasted fire as good as he could when he spotted another squad of drones flying to the ground, in the direction of the Ebon and the rest of the combatants. “Darn!” he muttered between his teeth, and he got hit by another blast. This time he didn’t loose his pattern and retreated. Allastor growled at the though that he might not be able to take them all, and their numbers were increasing. Then, he dove to the ground.

The crane were Green Flame and Death Flame, along with Hue and then Diao once she made sure that Philly Girl was alright, was hit by one of the bombs dropped by the Rikti ships and got stock at the base of it. The crane swang from side to side, almost knocking the non-fliers off of it. Then the bomb activated on its own. It suddenly started beeping slowly at first and then increasing in speed and intensity. Everyone up there knew what was inevitably happening next.

“Everybody look out!!!” Green Flame Avenger shouted from the buttom of his lungs and then super jumped vertically.

Death Flame ran along the arm of the crane and jumped to the closest rooftop, then across the building and then let himself fall on the other side of it. Just when he left the rooftop the bomb detonated and the crane exploded, sending pieces of metal into the air at all directions. The explotion even took out one whole side of the building’s suppoting column. The normals in the structure no longer in balance, the whole thing came crashing down. Hue flew away the fastest she could, as did Diao in the opposite direction.

From within the building, a figure inside of the building tried its best avoiding being caught by the amounts of rubble. A hero, his outfit more or less ressambling that of Green Flame Avenger, only in red and black, wielding two impervium katanas, Super Flame Avenger fled from the crumbling. He was engaging the canine humanoid, Electron-Fighter, inside of the building, but the moment the sirens went off to announce the unwelcomed Rikti, Super Flame lost track of the Bloodmoon stalker inside of the living room of an abandoned appartment. The big window in that room had blown with the detonation of the Rikti device amd now flames engulfed the remaining rubble, blocking the way out.

“Dammit, dammit, dammit…” he muttered, desperately looking for a way out, turning right into the kitchen. The stove already in flames, which nearly reached the gas it was feeding on. "SHIT!!" He then darted in the opposide direction, just before it blew into pieces. The doot of the fridge flew through the frame and reached the opposite wall of the hall, Super Flame’s reflexes quick enough to crouch just on time to avoid being crushed by it. He then activated his power suit’s speed booster and ran towards one of the former bedrooms, on the opposite side of the flames and the crumbling. Having no support on that side, the building had already began to unnaturaly lean towards the site of the explosion as it collapsed into itself. Super Flame found the door of one bedroom closed and he tried to open it but was stuck. He managed break and open a hole in it out of desperation, sheathed his blades and climbed the bed, which was blocking the door, and leaped outside of the room and the building. Diao caught his hands in mid-air and flew to a safer place, where she dropped Super Flame. The building finally collapsed into itself.

“Phew! That was close. Thanks for the… Diao?” he said as he unsheathed his swords again, ready for anything, but Diao had taken off towards the Rikti. He noticed her face had contourted in a way he had never seen before, almost in rage. He even though he heard her growl as she took off. Geez, I don’t wanna mess with her in that state and have her chasing me… as if it wasn’t enough with Allastor, he though to himself, and then he ran at full speed to meet with his mentor, Green Flame Avenger, a couple of blocks ahead.

Philly Girl and Dark Philly, who recovered from her unconsciousness, fled from the site, evading as much of the flying rubble as they could. When the building finally collapsed they both stopped and turned around to see a small force of Rikti Soldiers and a Chief Mentalist in front of them, accompanied by two Advanced Drones. They seemed to have materialized just infront of them after the explotion to cut their escape, almost the same way as Philly Girl could teleport herself and summon others to her. They all drew their weapons and started shooting at the girls. Philly Girl displaced herself to get out of the blasts’ trajectories while Dark Philly charged them. She took out two of the soldiers with her power charged fists while Philly Girl projected a cone of dark miasma that turned into tentacles and snared the rest of the Rikti squad. The Mentalist projected invisible waves of mental energy at the girls. Suddenly, both of them were paralized in a terrible headache, unable to do much more than hold their heads and let out a scream of pain.

Suddenly, arrows rained on the Rikti that were about to finish both girls. Some of the Rikti Soldiers dropped to the ground due to a bullseye in their heads or chest, and the Mentalist lost concentration and looked up to see a short female archer with angel wings, already preparing another arrow, standing un top of an 8 story building, with other shapes behind her. Two other larger shapes dove towards the small group, one white, one black. Each Allastor tossed an exploding fireball and wiped the remaining Rikti out, then changed directions to grab each girl. The Mythril landed beside Philly Girl to gently pick her up on his arms and took off again, while the Ebon just flew by and grabbed Dark Philly and put her on his shoulder.

“Argh! Do you always have to be so rude!?” scolded Dark Philly at the black dragon, watching Nightfire’s back and tail and the background as they gained more altitude.

“Give me a break, Red.” the Ebon chuckled with a smirk. “That hot body of yours is almost as tough as my scales.” He said while firing flares at a couple of approaching Drones and they exploded.

“Uh huh, yeah… I forgot subtlety is not one of your strengths, you big guy.”

“I am subtle.”

“No, you’re not… and I’m not discussing this with you again, Allastor.”

Nightfire only rolled his eyes and continued his flight to regroup with the rest of the Legion.

The Mythril flew up to the building the female archer was standing, scanning her surroundings for more Rikti. A couple of Drones approached the white dragon, but Angel Acey got it with an exploding arrow before the Rikti device could even shoot the Mythril. The other Drone got to close to Allastor and shot an energy bolt at him, but he was quick enough to perform an aerial stunt and evade it, and then he flew behind it, back to back. With his arms busy carrying Philly Girl as carefully as if he was carrying a priceless glass sculpture, Allastor lashed it with his tail and the Drone plummet to the ground, in pieces.

“My hero” Philly Girl whispered to Allastor’s ear with a smile when she recovered. The dragon smiled back at her.

“Thank Acey, she got here before I could reach you” he chuckled and said softly to his protectorate as he headed to the roof top.

They joined Angel Acey, both glad that she had brought reinforcements with her. The dragon and Philly Girl greeted the newcomers. Behind the angelical girl, stood Philly Girl’s modified clone Scarlet Flame Avenger, wearing her usual red leather dress, (Anarch Angel’s ice tank), the half human half demon Matheius, the fiery man-rat Ratz, the psychic Marline the Master, and some members from the Archangels of Justice: AFP the warshade, the martial artist Arious, the powerful DuDe with 11,000 ToMaLeS and Illidan Darkflame, Allastor’s brother.

“Philly sis’! Are you alright??” Angel Acey ran to Philly Girl and took her hands, very worried.

“I’m ok, Acey sis’.” Philly replied with a smile of confidence. “You and Al’s combined efforts helped me. I’m glad to see you brought some help. It would appear we’ll need it.”

“Green Flame called for all available Avengers to assemble in Siren’s Call to face the Rikti problem” Acey announced as she looked back to the small force of heroes. “Unfortunately, not many were around, so I decided to contact the Archangels and a few friends”

“It appears we have not much time for chit-chat.” AFP stepped forward, surrounded by Nictus essence. “We have to get ready now!”

“Yes. Everybody gather!” Philly Girl ordered.

Seconds later, Philly Girl and Marlene spread out their arms and waves of energy filled the heroes with more power. Scarlet Flame Avenger busied herself in boosting everyone’s speed, reflexes and stamina while Matheius dispersed the inertia from them, making them feel extremely lighter. Then, all the heroes, Avengers, Archangels and allies departed to help Green Flame Avenger and the others. Philly Girl teleported away, vanishing from the building’s rooftop. The Darkflame brothers, Marlene, Angel Acey and AFP in his Dark Nova form took off flying incredibly faster than usual. The rest jumped off the building.


Mercy Island, 3 am.

“This should do…”

A cyborg looking male figure stood in front of a lab stretcher, and he looked at what he was working on so hard and finished: A huge, almost robotic body blended with organic matter from a black scaled, non-human being. Just by this mysterious guy, a feminine figure stood and helped with the reconstruction of the tissues and syncing of the mechanical devices with the living flesh. Despite the delicate operation, performed by Mecho-Maniac and Dark Philly the draconic patient was aware of the procedure.

“Are you guys done yet!?” said Allastor Nightfire impatiently and still irritated. “These things itch, you know?”

“These mechanical implants are obviously foreign to your organism, what did you expect?” replied Dark Philly, as-a-matter-of-factly, while she readied a syringe with a strange, dark substance in it. “Besides, if you wouldn’t be so stubborn and impulsive in the first place, you wouldn’t need them…”


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