Philly Girl

Philly girl is a dedicated biologist working to find treatments for a varity of neurological diseases. One night while working late in the lab to finish an experiment she was expossed to a mutagenic chemical. As her DNA mutated and then replicated she discovered access to new areas of consiousness and abilities. She is able to sense someones pain and absorb the negative energy and replace it with positive healing energy. She also discovered that she was storing the negative energy that she absorbs and can release it to attack enemies. Upon further study and manipulation of her DNA she was able to insert some genetic material from a dragon into a Tet-On plasmid and encorperate it into her own DNA thus she is able to change her form by taking some doxycycline. She now works beside her allies in the Avenging flame and Avenging Arcanum to fight the forces of evil.

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