Sg Uniform

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the finalized uniform of the Archangels of Justice.

Note for colors: You are free to use any color set you want, the ones provided are the SG colors, so during SG events, the only customizable color is your tie, so that is teh one thing you want to make sure is different if you want something custom.

Lets go from top to bottom.

Only requirement on the head is Daddy-O-Dark sunglasses, with both colors set to the darkest black.
Now, if you have a special head, such as a helmet, or monstrous face, you are exempt from this requirement.

Upper Body is Jackets.

First category (Jackets) either Uniform, or Uniform Open. Colors are primary darkest black, secondary is the one to the right of it

Second Category (Sleeves): can be any of the three, Uniform Long, uniform Rolled, or Uniform Pushed. Colors are the same.

Third Category (Chest): Is Dress Shirt, colors are full black, tie can be any color you want, SG colors will set it properly.

No shoulder or chest detail.

Gloves: Your choice.

Belt: Simple Leather

Lower Body is "Pants"

First Category (Pants): Slacks, still black. Detail: None, or Thin Stripes 2. In SG mode, changing the detail color to be black like the pants is prefferred.

Second Category (Boots): Leather. (not smooth leather, just leather)

Back Detail: If you can live without one, it'd be prefferred, but if you MUST have your wings, it is allowed.

You should end up with something like this


Thats it for the men. Ladies, you can use most of this guide for your own uniforms, with the exception being that the lower body can be replaced by skirts if you want.

Note: Looking for a female designer to finalize the Female uniform, I need screenshots for it. Gross expenditures of influence due to modifications requested by a Guild Leader will be compensated.

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