Tombstone Info
User Name - Tukadian
Age: 21 (Birthday May 12)
Occupation: Canadian Infantry
Relationship - Serious live-in girlfriend
DnD Campaign Website: http://eberronunlimited.wikidot.com

The army was not always my aspiration, I was in university for 2 years studying Civil Engineering. Although I wasn't quite interested in it, I always loved my elective History courses much more, and envied my friends pursuing their Arts degrees. Engineering Prof's are extraordinarily dull so I loaded up on History courses, cparticularly military and ancient history, to liven up my days. After two years in I decided if I stayed in Engineering I would probably end up hanging myself, so taking that into consideration along with the growing financial stress of my then 2 year old daughter, I decided to leave university and join the Army which had always been an attractive option for me. I don't regret it at all, I love my job and the challenge, especially the constant physical challenge which has been keeping me in comparitively good shape. Although I am planning to return to university at a later date to pursue a History major, specializing in Military history of course, and hopefully retire from the Army to go into teaching.

I now live in New Brunswick, in Eastern Canada, just off base with my girlfriend and I have my younger brother in my basement. My daughter, Liz Inuarak, will be 4 years old in May, just before I turn 22, and she currently lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut with her Inuit mother. But there is a chance I might get custody of her in April, which would make me very very happy.

Wow, so that was a really long bio, but I guess now you might get an idea of why I'm not on quite as much as some people get to be. Because on top of that I run a Mutants and Masterminds campaign (Superhero D&D Yeah!) on Sundays, coach wrestling on saturdays and work every day. I'm also trying to fulfill my aspirations of being published Author on top of all that, so my schedule is pretty full.

As for my history with CoH, It was the fourth MMO I got into after WoW, Star Wars Galaxies and DnD Online. I have been frequently hopping from game to game trying to find my niche, I even tried out Everquest 2 and Guild Wars after those. But CoH keeps bringing me back. It must be my inner Comic Book geek. I've played in-game a total of 15 months I believe, but that was spread out over 3 years. I'm your typical Gamer, with the attention span of a housecat on acid, and have a wide interest range with everything from The Sims, to Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, Need For Speed , to Civilization.


Lady Fletcheera - Justice Server, Avenging Arcanum, Blaster
Halligann - Justice Server, Avenging Flame, Tanker
Master of Motion - Justice Server, Avenging Arcanum, Controller
Nephalem - Justice Server, Archangels of Justice, Defender


Oblivion Edge - Justice Server, No affiliation, Brute
Major Chill-Kill - Justice Server, No affiliation, Corruptor
MMOGMR - Justice Server, No Affiliation, Mastermind

Decided to add some pictures to my profile.
This is me at work.
It's November in the pic so I'm all bundled up in the back of my LAV.


This is my wonderful girlfriend Emily, who I am currently living with.


My super cute daughter Liz. She's going to be 4 years old in May.


And my first ever tattoo. I like it. I named him Twitch.


(Feel free to tell me how cute my daughter is, a father can never hear it enough)

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