Ventrilo (Under Construction)

Ok, we have a ventrilo server, and the ip/hostname is
The port number is: 5003

If you don't have ventrilo, then you want to follow this link, and download the client.

If you have never used ventrilo before, here is Zephyr's quick walkthrough of how to connect to the ventrilo server.

If you are a Vista user and have to continually alt+tab to use ventrilo while playing CoX, Right click your ventrilo icon, and select "Run as Administrator." This should fix all your problems.

To quick jump to a section just search for the heading given in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents:
1. Setting Up a User Name.
2. Connecting to the Server.
3. Setting Up Your Microphone. (Under Construction)
4. Using the Text to Speech functions. (Will work on it after #3)

1. Setting Up a User Name.

After opening the ventrilo client program, you should see three blank spaces.

Click on the arrow next to the first blank space, allowing you to edit your user name as viewed by the other players.
Please refer to picture below if you need further help.


Click where I have the red circle.

Now here you can set up your user name. Just click the "new" button to get started.


Should be a cake walk from there.

2. Connecting to a Server.

Ok so referring back to the three blank spaces, the second one should be the server one.
Refer to picture here:


From there, click the "New" button, circled in red in the below picture, and you should name this whatever you want,
so that you know this is the Archangels of Justice ventrilo server. After that,
make sure that your Hostname and Port number are exactly as I have it in the black circle in the picture below.


Leave the password section blank, only reason I have one is because I'm an admin =p

Once done hit "OK" at the bottom, and you should be ready to connect by hitting the "Connect" button on the far right!


3. Setting Up Your Microphone.

Now comes the hard part, if you've come this far you can probably now hear my voice in ventrilo, so here I'll go through a
list of the more common microphone issues.

First and fore most, making sure the microphone is set up properly in windows. This is a walkthrough for XP users only, however,
Vista, 2000, ME, and 98' users shouldn't have a problem adapting to it as its fairly similar to get to anyways.

First, lets get to the control panel.

Hit your start button where it may be located on your taskbar. from there simply select control panel on the right. As shown in the picture below.

You'll want to hit "Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices," if you've switched the Control Panel to Classic View already then I don't know why you're reading this tutorial =p

And this is the part were I get hella lazy and say, well look for microphones and jsut make sure it isn't muted or anything but yeah… more updates to come.

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