Actual name: AFP
Birthday: January 21st
Location: Nor Cal (cuhz itz hella tight.)
Occupation: Retail
Status: Gaming.

Self description:
Hey yo! Its me, its me, its A F P.

I play the characters Zephyr Deathblade, AFP, and Sir Zephyr… but you may also know me as Healer Bot 9000.

Been playing CoH on and off since launch. I work at Circuit City, and am 20 years old…. sheesh prattling on this thing kind of almost feels like writing a bio on a dating service, lol…
yeah I uh… like long walks on the beach… watching the sun set… pfft….

Lets face it, I <3 gaming. Unless a girl can dig that we ain't gunna work.

Wow. Still sounded like something from a dating site. lol.

Oh yeah, heres a picture of me posing like my toon, lawl.

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