Zephyr Deathblade

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Zephyr Deathblade has been around for hundreds of years. Originally from the celestial realm, Zephyr was actually summoned by the Legacy chain, quite similar to one of the Circle of Thorn summoning rituals. Zephyr emerged and joined the Legacy Chain in their fight against the Circle of Thorns. Zephyr is not one of the highest of the celestials, which is why he appears to be a normal human, but on occasion, with wings. His magic is strong, so he has a selection of spells, but most of his power comes from his sword. Through means that no one but Zephyr himself knows, his sword, classified by most as a katana, grants it wielder great regenerative properties. However, Zephyr's flight and enhanced speed are spells at his disposal.

However it was not until one fateful encounter with the Circle that his story could truly begin…

Zephyr was set on taking down the Circle of Thorns, and he was quite efficient at it. He was so good at it that the Circle eventually turned all their eyes to him… On one of his regular raids on a Circle of Thorn base, Zephyr and his team were actually set into a trap, at which point they were all captured. The circle preformed a ritual, intent on turning Zephyr, their greatest nemesis at the time, into a warrior for the Circle; however, while the Legacy Chain had all fallen, Arious, a "scrapper" classified hero who had been sent by M.A.G.I.'s mystics, had come in and rescued Zephyr. The ritual was not completed but still took its toll; Zephyr had lost his memory and most of his power. Ever since this incident, Zephyr has fought to gain his life back.

Arious and Zephyr teamed up for awhile, and eventually met Green Flame Avenger, leader of the Avenging Flame Super Group. Zephyr and Arious both signed up, and Green Flame Avenger noticed Zephyr's ability to quickly learn and adapt, and soon appointed him one of his generals. The Avenging Flame became so large, that eventually Green Flame Avenger founded a second Super Group, the Avenging Arcanum. A home for magic origin super heroes, Zephyr was naturally drawn to it, and was appointed one of the leaders of this new Super Group.

Things were perfectly well for Zephyr, he was getting his strength back, and slowly gaining his memories back. Eventually the Legacy Chain found him. The Legacy Chain tried to bring Zephyr back into their ranks, reminding him of everything he had done for them, but Zephyr argued, he wanted to stay with his new friends in the Avenging Flame and the Avenging Arcanum. They looked at what Zephyr was part of, a rising super group, an off shoot of one of the greatest super groups the city had to offer, and so the Legacy Chain approved, and let Zephyr make his way in the City of Heroes, while they moved their efforts to the Rouge Isles.

And so Zephyr continued his fight against the Circle of Thorns in Paragon City, until one fateful night when the full spectrum of that one failure against the Circle came to fruition. After leading a group of mystics, descendants of the ancient civilization of Mu, out of a Circle base, something strange happened. He got them outside, and they all thanked him for rescuing them. Zephyr said his "your welcomes," the cheesy, "all in a days work" sort of thing, but felt something wrong. It was dark, late night… over cast… and as soon as the cloud's parted, Zephyr blacked out. Zephyr has absolutely no recollection of what happened between then and waking up the next morning.

Zephyr consulted Philly Girl, a biologist, but the only scientist in Avenging Flame. She didn't find anything wrong, but since it was perhaps a mystical affair, she suggested trying Allastor Darkflame, a Co-Leader in Avenging Arcanum. So Zephyr went back to the base and consulted Allastor. Although Allastor could not find anything specifically, he did determine that a fairly large mystical change had occurred in Zephyr, one that was manifesting quickly. Allastor continued observation of Zephyr. After weeks, there was absolutely nothing, and he was ready to give up hope when it was nearing a month. However that night… after exiting their mission, Allastor and Philly saw something happening… Zephyr started flying strangely, he was loosing control, and then plummeted. After Philly and Allastor caught up with their fallen comrade Zephyr began to change… Zephyr started growing hair, as his wings began to shed. His face began to morph, becoming… canine in nature, and before they knew it, Zephyr was a full blown werewolf. Even though he was in wolf form, Zephyr instinctively reached for his sword, which had changed with him!

At that point Zephyr actually ran off, and whats more amazing, as a werewolf Zephyr had attained Super Speed, and was jetting through the city faster than any normal person could keep track of. Allastor was a fast flier but not fast enough to keep up with Zephyr in his animal form. So they went back to Zephyr's place to see if he would head home, after a half hour of waiting, they could sit idle no longer, and called a few friends in, The Man With 10,000 Volts and Model 912. They all had their orders, find the wolf, and subdue him, do not kill. They scoured the city to no avail, they just couldn't find him. Using the worlds most up to date, and unknown about technology, including alien technology, and the mystic ley-lines that run through Paragon City did nothing to help them find Zephyr. out all night they were unable to locate him. They called off the search and went back to his home residence at dawn, where they found him already asleep.

That morning they had found some disturbing, and somewhat ironic, and still saddening news. It would appear that by police security cameras they caught on film what was an unidentified super speed humanoid whizzing past the police department several times in the night, dropping off Circle of Thorn mages at the front door every time it ran by. The bad news was that the "thing" dropping off the mages also appeared to have no regard for the lives of the innocent. Although good hearted in nature, the creature lacked control, and even killed a few innocents who were victims of the Circle while wildly slashing away at the villains.

After learning this news, Zephyr learned he must control this force that the Circle of Thorn's had imbued him with. So, Zephyr said good bye to his friends, and set off to tame the beast within…(More on this story arc later)

When Zephyr returned, he had full control of his new powers, and was welcomed home by the Avenging Flame and Arcanum. He immediately resumed working against the Circle of Thorns. On the coalition monitor he heard a call from Lady Fletcheera for heroes to come to Steel Canyon for details on a big mission, headed by Positron. Zephyr responded to the call along with two other heroes; Ortep of The Young Justice League, and Tael Khal'adon of Avenging Flame. The four of them would set out to help Positron protect the city. It was here that Zephyr was able to repay the Circle of Thorns ten fold, for it was a diabolical scheme that involved the Circle of Thorns that Positron set to defuse. On one particular mission, the Circle had seemed to gotten the team beat, on the wings of their own victory, but Zephyr would have none of it. Zephyr had mastered the beast, and now could call upon its strength at will, while still be under control. One of the mages recognized Zephyr, and the beast he could turn to, and he feared. Zephyr recognized this mage as well, someone from the distant past, yet somehow familiar. This was one of the mages who had helped give Zephyr this new power. As Zephyr realized this, the mage saw the fury in Zephyr's eyes. Zephyr cleared the office, but left this one mage conscious for interrogation. Before Zephyr could get any information however, the mage teleported to Oranbega to warn his master that Zephyr was in full control of the beast…

Character Name: Zephyr Deathblade
Archetype: Scrapper
Power Sets: Katana/Regen
Level: 50

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